What’s In It For You?

Read the testimonials and reviews of the folks who have taken Marcie’s courses. From the big city associations to small towns in America, they all say the same thing – what you hear about Marcie is what you get – a true down-to-earth professional who inspires others with her wit, knowledge and practical principles.

Pug Scoville
Tennessee Association of REALTORS®
“As a Director of Communications and Education, I encounter many speakers – and would-be-speakers- whose primary concern is often their own ego, their paycheck or fee from the presentation, or the entertainment value of their own ‘performance’. It is consequently a privilege to work with that rare and special instructor whose first concern is what students actually learn and are able to use in their careers. Marcie Roggow is such an instructor.”

Chris Rhodes
North Carolina Association of REALTORS®
She is certainly one of the most thoroughly knowledgeable and consistently dynamic instructors I have encountered during my six year tenure as Director of Education at NCAR…I would recommend Marcie Roggow for any real estate related teaching engagement without reservation.”

Sally Yaryan
Austin Board of REALTORS®
“As the Director of Professional Development & Education for the past 15 years, I have employed a great many instructors to teach in our Academy. I can state without a doubt that Marcie is one of the finest instructors I have ever worked with. She has proved to me that she is a knowledgeable and professional instructor of the highest caliber. She has developed courses in conjunction with the Austin BOR through focus groups and meetings with groups of our members to better understand what information is needed by REALTORS® in our area. The product is always well-received and a credit to our curriculum. I would recommend Marcie Roggow to anyone in the real estate community.”
Brain Copeland, CRS , NAR YPN Chairman

Village Real Estate

I had the privilege of being a part of Marcie Roggow’s “When Article 12 and Web 2.0 Collide” class which she presented at the Tennessee Association of REALTORS recently. Not only was it the highlight of my education experience of all the sessions, I learned even more about our Code of Ethics on a deeper level. Marcie understands how to communicate on an honest REALTOR level with authority and approachability. In my book, her session should be a must for any professional full-time REALTOR today.

Polly Eagle
RE/MAX River City

I wanted to personally thank you for your presentation this morning.  You are a breath of fresh air and your reputation which preceded you was right on!  Having been licensed since 1978 in Ca but three year new to TX, I need a rejuvenation and you provided just that. Again, that you for sharing you knowledge and obvious enjoyment of real estate.  I love your wit and thank you for your candor and all the valuable information that you discussed with the class. often vital just to get through the “crazy” escrows!


HJN Team,

“To All Serious Agents:  After 33 years in the business and multiple designations, this course by Marcie is by far the best I have taken.  If you apply the information you receive to your everyday business, you will improve your professionalism and your financial statement.”

J. Reed Henderson 

I believe the information that I picked up in the SRS class to be invaluable.  Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job of teaching us your very own “ninja secrets”. I have certainly been implementing much of what I learned.  I had an open house the weekend after the class.  I doctored your Open House feedback form and asked all those who came by to please fill it out.  Well, only two people came by…BUT, they were certainly willing to fill out the feedback form, especially when I told them that they had a chance to win a $25 Home Depot Gift Card.  I ended up getting a second gift card, that way both open house visitors had a positive association with me, my listing, and my company.  The best part is, I think I may have picked up a buyer.  I attribute this recent success to the SRS class and your encouragement to host those open houses.  Quite frankly, I couldn’t stand the idea of open houses before the class, but now I’m chomping at the bit to host another one   I’m also working on getting my pre-listing packet together. Thanks so much once again.  I hope you have a wonderful evening!

And Remember, I am never too busy for referrals!
Sunny Day Real Estate


Thanks so much for taking the time to come out here and teach the course. It was worth every minute. After having been in the business 22 years, I still came away with some great information which will greatly benefit my business.

Sue Henson, Deeb Realty

Thank you for coming to Omaha! What an eye-opening experience! IT was truly a fun-filled, educational and information-packed 2 days. Now to start to implement! I thank you again! I think you are a GEM!

Jill Randall Idaho Association of REALTORS

Thank you for presenting the buyer agency program during our continuing education pilot program. It was a pleasure to work with someone so organized and as professional as you. Your presentation was outstanding and very applicable to the day to day practice of Idaho real estate professionals.
REMAX international, RSN

Thanks again for all your work in presenting and dealing with the ridiculous requests from states. The presentation came out very well and the feedback has been great. Your presentations always are very professional.

Sheri Bourne

Gateway Realty of North Platte, GMAC

You gave a clear, concise, well thought presentation which has given our office new ideas that we can implement immediately. Your program drew 100% participation from our sales associates and management team and has received great reviews.

Mike Berry,

Mike Berry Seminars

Every agent has poured out thanks to me for bringing you to them. Your message was clear. Your delivery was both fun and engaging. Your content was very timely. The Code of Ethics timing was right on target given the loosey-goosy way that real estate is done in the low country. You caused all the agents to think and to reevaluate what being a professional really means. Thanks for that! Thank you for making me look good but, far more than that, thank you for doing an amazing job.

Amy Bockman, EVP

Black Hills Association of REALTORS®

I have heard only good comments about the Article 12 course. Certainly the examples you used provoked much thought on how social media is used in the real estate environment. Too often, people simply babble on their social media accounts; your details regarding their status as real estate professionals and making sure that information is clear on EVERY communication was invaluable.

I can’t imagine any Association in the country not having this class brought forward. It isn’t simply for Professional Stands or Grievance committee members, it is for every REALTOR® so they can avoid an ethics complaint and to help provide the expert work environment consumers and peers have come to expect from REALTOR professionals.

On behalf of WCR, warmest thanks for being a part of our Mid Year Meetings. Our members enjoyed your workshop. The evaluations we received from your program were outstanding. Kristin Carey…then Director of Education WCR

Lyla Doane

Boise ID

In my 16 years of real estate and many, many courses Marcie was the best instructor I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!!