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Conditions of Use: Include Marcie Roggow’s attribution line at the end of each article. Whenever possible, include a at the end of the article Include a link to the web site at the end the article. Send a copy of the publication or link where the article appears. Let me know when you are using […]

When Article 12 and Web 2.0 Collide

This 18 minute video discusses the Code of Ethics and Online Activity. RL11-4s Roggow Article 12 Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend

Who’s in Charge?

I don’t know why this comes to a surprise, but did you know that some agents actually think that their ‘independent contractor’ status means that they have no obligation to the Broker? Did you know that some agents think that it is the ‘privilege’ of the Broker to have the agent working for them? Did […]

What Must I Disclose

Every day, today’s real estate professional is faced with the question “What must I disclose”? Most states have developed legislation that specifies what the licensee is obligated to disclose. If you live in a state where there are no guidelines yet, you can rely on the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to provide the standards you […]

Top 10 Legal Issues Facing Brokers Today!

When I first got in this wonderful world of real estate in 1971 our biggest challenge was implementing the new MLS system! Buyer Beware was the norm. Everyone represented the seller, by law. Most companies were small independent “mom and pop” shops. There were no seller’s property disclosures, no agency forms, and NO MOLD issues! […]

Striving for Professional Excellence

For eight years, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS has conducted a national TV, print and radio advertising campaign promoting the value of REALTORS. You’ll see the ads again this year on some of your favorite TV shows: West Wing, Law & Order, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, as well as a new presence on PBS. […]

Know what your agents are up to online

Eight risk-management techniques for brokers and managers to help you stay on the right side of Article 12 and Texas law. by Marcie Roggow Do you know what your agents are doing? They’re taking advantage of every online tool available to market themselves, their listings, and their brokerage. However, in their eagerness to get clients […]

Brokers: Do you know where your agents are?!

The relationship between brokers and listing agents is long-established and familiar. The broker relationship with buyer’s reps, however, is still emerging. While reviewing the results of an ABR® course I taught recently, it became clear to me that the questions asked during the class had exhibited a basic lack of understanding of the legal responsibility […]

Getting Away From “Getting Away With It”

Getting Away From “Getting Away With It” By Chris Ryan Real estate times are tough. In most markets, the days of order-taking and bidding wars are over. Agents are competing for fewer listings. The listings they do land are taking longer to close, even with great continuing education and continually improving service and technology.  Click […]